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    Video caption: Why Greenpeace is dropping huge boulders into the sea

    Fishing community leaders say Greenpeace's action is dangerous and illegal.

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    Video caption: Birdgirl has travelled to the Arctic to stage the world's most northerly climate protest.
  3. Greenpeace close 29 Barclays branches in London

    Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has closed 29 Barclays branches in London, including the flagship Piccadilly Circus branch, as part of its protest against fossil fuels.

    It says the bank is the biggest funder of fossil fuels among European banks and it wants the banking firm to invest in renewable energy instead.

    It says staff have put up pop-up exhibitions outside the branches, stopping staff from entering.

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  4. BP net zero pledge 'leaves urgent questions unanswered'

    Protestors abseiling down BP's building
    Image caption: Greenpeace has previously staged climate protests outside BP's head office in London

    Greenpeace has been critical of BP boss Bernard Looney's pledge to make the firm net zero by 2050.

    "BP’s ‘ambitions’ and ‘aims’ all seem to apply to Looney’s successors, and leave the urgent questions unanswered. How will they reach net zero? Will it be through offsetting? When will they stop wasting billions on drilling for new oil and gas we can’t burn?

    "What is the scale and schedule for the renewables investment they barely mention? And what are they going to do this decade, when the battle to protect our climate will be won or lost," Charlie Kronick, oil advisor at Greenpeace UK, said.

  5. 'Over 100 ancient woodlands' will be affected


    Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven says introducing HS2 would mean the PM had "the dubious honour of being this century's largest destroyer of ancient woodlands in the UK".

    He adds:

    Quote Message: We're totally in favour of a transport revolution that cuts pollution and carbon emissions, but bulldozing through irreplaceable wildlife and nature sites is not the way to go about it.
    Quote Message: Over 100 ancient woodlands will be damaged or destroyed along with 33 sites of special scientific interests and hundreds of local wildlife sites. Giving the go-ahead to such a costly and damaging project is a missed opportunity. The prime minister should have created a first-class regional rail and bus service, up and running across the north in years rather than decades and without adding to the climate and nature emergency.