1. Here's how South Korea is tightening restrictions

    Laura Bicker

    BBC News, Seoul

    Police officers in Seoul

    South Korea is strengthening its anti-virus measures in and around the highly populated capital city Seoul, with new restrictions coming into force from Sunday.

    All restaurants and cafes will have to close their doors at 21:00 and offer a delivery-only service after that time. Indoor sports facilities, including gyms, are being ordered to close and visits to care homes will be restricted. All after-school academies will also be closed.

    A third of all public companies and government offices will work from home, and private companies are being encouraged to do the same.

    The move comes as health officials warn that the country is on the brink of a nationwide outbreak.

    For more than 10 days the daily number of new cases has been over 200. This is still low in global terms, but for a country used to fewer than 30 new daily infections, it is being seen as cause for alarm.

    The fresh outbreak has spread quickly among right wing Presbyterian churchgoers who rallied in Seoul on 15 August. Many followers believe the virus is part of a conspiracy by the government and are refusing to be tested.

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