Buenos Aires

Sian Kelly: Argentina head coach on inspiring next generation
After three years as Argentina women's cricket coach, Sian Kelly is now inspiring the next generation - BBC Sport goes to Buenos Aires to see how.

The man making Buenos Aires’ merry-go-rounds

Leonel Bajo Moreno is an Argentinian man who builds the country's traditional carousels
The Argentinian capital is home to more than 60 carousels. Outlook's Colm Flynn went to Leonel Bajo Moreno, the man behind their magic. 

Image: Leonel Bajo Moreno with a carousel horse 
Credit: Colm Flynn
Highlights: Boca Juniors win copa libertadores final
Watch highlights as River Plate beat Boca Juniors 3-1 to claim their fourth Copa Libertadores trophy in front of 72,000 fans at Real Madrid's Bernabeu stadium.
River Plate fans celebrate in the stands

Mani Djazmi

BBC Sport

A "fudged final", a sign of things to come, or both? BBC Sport's Manu Djazmi assesses whether staging South America's biggest game in Europe was a success.

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