Schools' climate change protests

The Youth Are Revolting

Young people are taking on climate change. Tom Heap asks if they can change the future now
Greta Thunberg and the global youth strikes for the climate have directed the worlds attention to the potential future they face on a warming planet. The words and actions of these young people have been noted by global leaders and promises of change have been made but for their efforts to have a lasting impact the promises need to become policy. Tom Heap asks one of the young organisers Tom Bedford if young people are really changing the narrative on climate change. 

The strikers' demands that the UK government recognises that we are living through a climate emergency has been taken up by some local councils whilst in the US proposals for a 'Green New Deal' are being taken seriously and Greta Thunberg has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. It seems young people's hope and energy is having an impact but to really change the planet's trajectory they need to bring more of their generation with them and convince the rest of society that their future demands sacrifice today.

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Exmouth schoolgirl takes climate message to EU

Kevin Hay

BBC Spotlight

A 14-year-old Devon schoolgirl has been telling the European Commission how concerned she is about climate change.

Jess Nicholls

Jess Nicholls, from Exmouth, was one of five young environmental activists invited to Brussels to discuss their fears.

She has been organising a series of school strikes raising awareness of the issue of global warming.

Students stage climate change protest

Students have staged protests as part of an international youth campaign demanding action on climate change.

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Organisers behind the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement said "sizeable events" would take place in major towns and cities.

Birmingham councillor Waseem Zaffar tweeted his appreciation of the protestors in the city centre.

Yardley MP Jess Philips posted a picture on Instagram that she'd joined the demonstration.

Climate Change protest
Jess Phillips MP