Fishing industry

'Ghost fishing gear' clear-up off Dorset
Divers are working to clear discarded nets, line and rope endangering sea creatures off Dorset.

Ocean charity tackles discarded fishing gear in south west waters

Ghost Fishing UK visited Portland harbour to recover fishing rope, lines and nets
An ocean clean-up charity says it’s removed tonnes of discarded fishing equipment from the English channel and south west waters over recent years.  In its latest operation, a team of highly skilled divers has retrieved two hundred metres of nets from Portland harbour. The discarded gear is hazardous to marine wildlife and habitat. A return visit is also planned by Ghost Fishing UK to a wreck in Lyme Bay which is entangled in abandoned fishing gear.

The fishing technique "killing three ecosystems in one go"

The devastating impact of fish fences are just being understood
Fish fences are very large fishing nets which are commonly used in tropical seas. However, they are causing extensive social, ecological and economic damage and threatening marine biodiversity according to a new study. 

Dan Exton works with Operation Wallacea - an organisation that runs a conservation research programmes in remote locations around the world. He told Newsday's Karnie Sharp about their research.

(Photo: A fish-eye view of a fish fence. Credit: Benjamin Jones)