Why metaphors are more powerful than you think

BBC Ideas explores how metaphors shape how we see the world
Metaphors are not just for poets - they're everywhere in our everyday language. And they shape the way we view the world.

States to debate protection of Guernesiais

BBC Radio Guernsey

The States is set to debate plans to protect Guernsey's language, Guernesiais.

In August, the education committee is due to ask the States for £300,000 to revamp the Guernsey Language Commission.

Committee members said it would help sustain Guernsey French in the island's culture and identity.

The curious ‘laws’ of speaking English

The English-speaking ‘laws’ you never knew you knew
The English language has no government, but sometimes, you’ll come across an odd ‘law’ that has been passed on from generation to generation, and most of us use them.

Lexicographer, etymologist and broadcaster Susie Dent looks into these linguistic quirks.

Video by Adrian Hartrick and Dominika Ozynska