1. Dorset Italian language teacher 'feels more Italian than English'

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    Video caption: Jo Harvey from Gillingham says her heart and soul are Italian.
  2. Video content

    Video caption: 'I never got to know him, now I can hear his voice'

    When Brendan Adams' audio archive from the 1960s resurfaced, his family got to hear his voice again.

  3. The extreme language of extroverts

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    Video caption: Why extroverts have their own extreme language

    Hyperbole is now a 'mega' part of the English language, but why did it happen?

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    Video caption: Recovering from lockdown: Five tips to boost your child's vocabulary

    Research shows the pandemic has had an impact on young children's language skills. How can parents help?

  5. US English: Why do Brits hate it so?

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    Video caption: The British have a few bugbears when it comes to US English spelling, but is it justified?
  6. How do YOU say 'thank you very much' in French?

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    Video caption: Miss Morris reveals a very cheeky, common French pronunciation mistake to Greg and Bella.

    Miss Morris teaches Greg and Bella about foreign languages and reveals a very cheeky, common French pronunciation mistake.

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    Video caption: Welsh learner from Dublin is looking forward to his first to Wales

    Philip Mac a' Ghoill from Dublin is now looking forward to his first visit to Wales.

  8. Call for African languages to have higher status in schools

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    Video caption: Colonial history has led to European languages dominating education and many want change

    Colonial history has led to English, French or Portuguese dominating education and the workplace across a large number of African countries, but many want this to change.

  9. Twisting My Words

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    Video caption: Oliver Burkman explores how the language we choose to use impacts how we think.

    Oliver Burkeman explores how language may actually limit our capacity for nuanced thought - depending on how we choose to use it.