A starter using Isle of Wight tomatoes

In the kitchen with Matt Tomkinson, preparing a crab & tomato starter

Chancre crab stocks 'could take 10 years to recover'

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It could take up to 10 years for chancre crab stocks in Jersey's waters to increase, the island's government says, after figures revealed numbers have almost halved since 2012.

Sales of the crabs - also known as brown crabs - account for around a quarter of Jersey fishermen's profits. But data shows the species is in decline in the western English Channel.

The States said it believed the fall could be a result of rising sea temperatures, interrupting the crab's breeding cycle.

Earlier this year, politicians agreed to increase the minimum size at which chancre crabs can be caught, but officials said it could take between five and 10 years for progress to be seen.

Chancre crab

Foraging the Dorset coast

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The Dorset coast is not only beautiful, it's also delicious. Foraging on our shores can offer up some culinary surprises which can add some real flavour to your recipes. 

Dan Scott from Fore Adventure in Studland is a foraging expert with a commercial foraging licence for parts of the Dorset coast. He took Steve and Ollie on a trip to show them some of his favourites which anybody can head out and harvest.

Jersey politicians back plans to protect species of crab

BBC Radio Jersey

A panel of Jersey politicians is backing government plans to protect a species of crab found in Jersey waters.

The Environment Department wants to change the rules so chancre crabs can only be landed if they're wider than 15cm (5.9ins).

It follows a drop in number of crabs in local waters.

A scrutiny panel is calling on the department to investigate if breeding sites can be better protected - and what effect dredging is having on them.

It's asking the minister to report back to the panel by the end of the summer.

chancre crab

Harbour master denounces 'spate' of Looe crab thefts

BBC Radio Cornwall

A Cornish harbour master has reminded people not to take green crabs away from Looe following a "spate" of thefts.

Tina Hicks said that a "huge quantity" of crabs had been stolen from the town over the last few weeks.

She said that green crabs were protected and there is a no take zone in place.

Jersey declining crab numbers part of UK problem

BBC Radio Jersey

There has been a decline in the number of chancre crabs being found in Jersey waters.

chancre crabs
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Approximately 500 tonnes (500,000 kg) were landed in 2012, but last year this fell to about 300 tonnes (300,000 kg).

Don Thompson from the Jersey Fishing Association said the decline is part of a UK wide problem, and businesses in the island who sell crab meat to restaurants and supermarkets were finding it "very difficult" to get enough.

He added there is currently no research to shed light on the cause of the problem, although young crabs are vulnerable to disruption while travelling from nesting places in the north sea to the British Isles.