First flight for osprey chick

One of the osprey chicks at Bassenthwaite has taken her first flight from the nest.

Known as Blue 400, the single chick took the big leap just eight weeks after she hatched.

She's one of 17 chicks that have been ringed at sites in Cumbria so far this year.

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Eight pairs of ospreys breed chicks in Cumbria revival

Martin Lewes


Staff at the Lake District Osprey Project say they are aware of eight breeding pairs of ospreys in the county, with at least 14 chicks.

The species was extinct in the county for 150 years until 2001, when a pair returned to Bassenthwaite.

Various pairs of birds have nested near the lake ever since, this year hatching a female that has now been ringed, so its progress can be traced on annual migrations to Africa.

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At the other end of the county, on the Foulshaw Moss reserve, two chicks were ringed on 29 June.

The RSPB says not all nests across Cumbria have been visited for ringing yet, so a final number of chicks isn't known.