Air shows

Aero India: One dead as planes crash during rehearsal
One pilot died and two were injured when their jets collided as they practised an aerobatics display.

Swiss airforce set to appear at Sunderland Airshow

For many it's one of the highlights of the year..

The annual Sunderland Airshow has announced that a Swiss air force team will be joining them between the 26- 28 July.

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The display by J-20 stealth fighter jets was the top story on Chinese media

The display by J-20 stealth fighter jets was the top story on Chinese media

Air Show gets go-ahead

Ed Oldfield

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Torbay Council has given a firm commitment that the 2019 Torbay Air Show will definitely go ahead.

Doubts were raised earlier this year when the elected mayor, Gordon Oliver, pulled a £90,000 subsidy for the show from next year’s budget.

But the council is now sending out the message that it definitely will go ahead – funded by sponsorship, donations and income.

Torbay Air Show
Torbay Council

Senior councillors called on local businesses to help fund the event, which they said has brought in more than £17m to the local economy over the last three years.

The event in early June is traditionally the first major free public air show featuring the Red Arrows.

Last year the total cost of putting on the show was more than £200,000.

Jersey International Air Display 2018: In pictures

Jersey air display aircraft
Nigel Crespel
Jersey air display two planes in flight
Nigel Crespel
Jersey air display plane landing
Nigel Crespel
Jersey air display two aircraft with acrobats
Nigel Crespel
Jersey air display two aircraft with acrobats
Nigel Crespel

Red arrows 'dramatic finish' to Guernsey air display

Edward Rowe

BBC Radio Guernsey

The Guernsey air display came to a dramatic end this afternoon with the Red Arrows closing the ceremony for the first time in two years.

Thousands of people were watching on the island's east coast as the skies above the Little Russel were filled with a number of aircraft, from historic Spitfires to a jet provost.

Former RAF pilot and trainer Sid Bowsher says everything went smoothly.

Red Arrows
Ole Henriksen
Ole Henriksen snapped the Red Arrows mid flight over Castle Cornet

Nice weather, nice display, everything went according to the organisers wishes. The boats behaved out there, the guard ships did their job, it was just wonderful. We couldn't have asked for more."

Sid Bowsher

Drones could stop air display, organiser warns

Freddie Miller

Broadcast Journalist BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's International Air Display will be stopped if drones are used in the area, according to organisers.

It is illegal to fly drones near the airport - but restrictions have been extended to St Aubins Bay for the display.

Former Group Captain Les Garside-Beattie has the final say on what happens in the display.

He says he'll have no hesitation in grounding all aircraft if drones appear in the sky.

On Wednesday police stopped a man flying a drone in St Ouen, near the island's airport, who thought he had permission to do so, according to officers.

Getty Images

The display pilots just don't see them, therefore the implication of that is fairly obvious. If anyone is seen flying a drone in our restricted zone, we will have to stop the display until we get that drone on the ground."

Les Garside-Beattie

Air display 'exclusion zone' in place around St Aubin's Bay