2 police officers

Rachel Schraer

BBC Reality Check

As Boris Johnson announces a big recruitment drive, Reality Check checks what's happened to police numbers.

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Francesca Martinez: Austerity has caused the deaths of over 130,000
Comedian Francesca Martinez has spoke out on the BBC's Question Time programme about the deaths of "over 130,000 human beings" since the government started austerity in 2010.

Devon schools see real terms funding cut of 10 per cent

Daniel Clark

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Education funding in Devon has seen a real terms reduction of 10 percent from 2009/10 to 2017/18, Devon County Council's children's scrutiny committee has heard.

Schools in the county also have a maintenance backlog of more than £40m, with £23m of the repairs considered critical.

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On Monday, the committee agreed to call on the cabinet to once again lobby parliament and the region's MPs over the inadequacy of the current funding for Devon's schools.

Cllr Alan Connett, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Devon County Council, said the county was being short-changed in education.

Is Parliament listening and are our MPs - other than the one for Exeter - listening, as they keep voting for the budget and are the ones depriving the children of Devon? At what point do we just say that we can do no more? Every council meeting, every cabinet meeting, and probably every scrutiny meeting, we say that Devon is being shortchanged when it comes to education, but they are not listening."

Alan ConnettDevon County Council

Dawn Stabb, Head of Education and Learning at Devon County Council, said schools have had to make a significant reduction in staffing levels, and that some had discussed reducing their hours or closing early on a Friday due to the lack of funding.

The Department for Education (DfE) said school funding in England was at "its highest ever level".