Notre-Dame fire


Ernie Rea and guests discuss the significance of cathedrals in the lives of modern cities.
The dreadful fire in Notre Dame Cathedral produced an enormous emotional reaction. In secular Paris people knelt and sang the Ave Maria.  Clearly Notre Dame holds a central place in people’s hearts. The impact on the French psyche was enormous, but no lives were lost. It seems almost certain that Notre Dame will be restored, despite the fact that France is a secular country and the Catholic Church is in decline. What is it about Cathedrals? Why do they play such an important role in national and civic life? And can it be morally right to spend such vast sums on restoration?

In this programme Ernie Rea discusses the significance of Cathedrals in the lives of modern cities with Becky Clark, Director of the Cathedral and Church Buildings Division of the Church of England, John Laurenson, a Paris based BBC journalist and the Rev Michael Smith, Canon of York Minster.

Producer:  Catherine Earlam
Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe scores a hat-trick as Paris St-Germain celebrated their Ligue 1 title success with a win over Monaco on a day of tributes for Notre Dame Cathredral.

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Peers discuss fire threat to parliament

Calls for renovation of the Palace of Westminster to be speeded up.
The devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has raised fears for the Palace of Westminster which is facing a major renovation. 
Peers have urged the Palace authorities to speed up the planned work and called for better fire prevention systems. David Cornock reports.
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Notre-Dame fire: How gamers are getting 'inside' the cathedral
Players return to a 2014 video game to visit a digital version of the cathedral, untouched by fire.