How incompetent men get ahead
Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic's book has a provocative title but what's the answer?
The place where you can smash up cars for fun
A company is offering an alternative - and slightly controversial - form of stress and anger management.

The Replication Crisis

Many key findings of psychological research are under question. What's going on?
Many key findings in psychological research are under question, as the results of some of its most well-known experiments – such as the marshmallow effect, ego depletion, stereotype threat and the Zimbardo Stanford Prison Experiment – have proved difficult or impossible to reproduce. This has affected numerous careers and led to bitter recriminations in the academic community. So can the insights of academic psychology be trusted and what are the implications for us all? Featuring contributions from John Bargh, Susan Fiske, John Ioannidis, Brian Nosek, Stephen Reicher, Diederik Stapel and Simine Vazire.
Presenter David Edmonds
Producer Ben Cooper

Why worrying about the present could affect your future

Stressing about a lack of money or time takes up the mental energy needed to plan
Stressing about a lack of money or time takes up the mental energy needed to plan. Eldar Shafir, a professor of psychology at Princeton, explains what happens when we worry about not having enough of something - and a way this can be solved. 

Photo: A woman with a pile of work looks anxious (Credit: Getty Images)