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Tunisia rebukes Italy over migrant crisis

Italy"s new vice Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini (C), delivers a speech to support Salvo Pogliese unseen)
Italy's interior minister has taken a tough line against migrants

Tunisia has issued a strongly-worded rebuke to the new interior minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini, after he accused it of knowingly sending migrants with convictions across the Mediterranean.

Tunisia summoned the Italian ambassador to register its profound astonishment about the comments - made when Mr Salvini visited migrant centres in Sicily on Sunday.

The Tunisian foreign ministry said Mr Salvini's words did not reflect the co-operation between the two countries and showed a lack of knowledge about existing measures to manage migration.

Meanwhile, the death toll has risen to at least 112 people after a boat packed with migrants sank off the coast of Tunisia on Saturday, the International Organization for Migration says.

One survivor told Reuters news agency that the captain had abandoned the boat after it started sinking to escape arrest by the coastguard.

Failed migrants determined to reach Europe

Two Nigerians explain why they would keep trying to cross the Mediterranean
Many Africans risk crossing deserts and seas, as well as attacks from armed rebels, in order to make it to Europe. Tony Jimoh and Solomon Thomson are two Nigerians from Benin City who've tried and failed to land in Europe several times. They plan to do it again and told BBC Newsday why they still want to leave their country.

(Picture: African migrants rescued from a ship off the coast of Libya. Credit: Mahmud Turkia/AFP/Getty Images)