Libyan trafficker's family kill migrants in revenge

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Feet of migrants in Libya
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Many migrants pass through Libya attempting to get to Europe

Thirty migrants are reported to have been killed in western Libya in revenge for the murder of a man involved in human trafficking.

The UN-backed government in the capital, Tripoli, said the trafficker had been killed by migrants as he was in the process of smuggling them out of the country.

In retaliation, his family murdered 26 Bangladeshi nationals and four Africans.

Many migrants pass through Libya as they attempt to reach Europe on dangerous journeys in the hands of unscrupulous traffickers.

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Refugees stuck in Libya 'really struggling'

"Libyans in uniforms are stealing their money... basically they're living in terror."
Coronavirus appears to have stemmed the flow of migrants into Europe in recent weeks - but the consequence of that is that many migrants are stuck in transit countries like Libya - in detention centres or just on the streets. 

Conditions have always been poor, but now the supply of food and water is erratic - and there's concern that there is the potential for covid-19 to quickly spread amongst people closely packed together.  There are also reports of an increase in robberies.  

Sally Hayden, a migration journalist, is in contact with a number of refugees in Libya.

(Migrants in Libya. Credit: Getty Images)