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    Video caption: Yellow: K-pop artist Lim Kim bites back against stereotypes

    Lim Kim says her music challenges prejudices about Asian women and attacks Orientalism.

  2. Dave Grohl: 'Change is possible'

    Mark Savage

    Music reporter, BBC News

    Dave Grohl plays with Foo Fighters

    Later tonight, the Foo Fighters will join the likes of Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi at a televised concert marking Joe Biden's inauguration.

    The band were asked to play one song - Times Like These, from their 2003 album One By One - and frontman Dave Grohl says the choice made "perfect sense, because of everything our country has been through".

    "The song was written 18 years ago when I was at this crossroads in my life, questioning which way to go," he explains.

    "And as terrifying as that can seem at times, it's necessary to be hopeful when you have to start again.

    He continues: "This is a bit morbid - but whenever someone close to me has passed away, I've always found that you have to do everything in life once without them before you can move on. You have to learn to live again, you have to learn to love again.

    "So there's optimism in the lyric and I think it's something that the world needs a lot of now.

    "Change, as slowly as it may happen, is possible."