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    Video caption: US election: 'Help! Everyone around me disagrees with my politics'

    Paul and Kayleah live in two different political bubbles, but they've found a place to vent online.

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    Video caption: Woman rescued from burning car by police officer in California

    Police footage shows the driver being pulled out of the vehicle, which had caught fire following a crash.

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    Video caption: Are wildfires the end of the Californian dream?

    As unprecedented wildfires rage across the Golden State, Californians have been bearing the brunt.

  4. How significant is California's latest boost for boardroom diversity?

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    Video caption: Public companies will require more directors who are LGBTQ+ or from an ethnic minority

    America's richest and most populous state has passed a new law to force bigger firms to employ more directors who are either LGBTQ+ or from an ethnic minority group.

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    Video caption: California wildfires: Glass Fire as seen by firefighters

    Firefighters film their journey through one of California's devastating wildfires.

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    Video caption: Sparks fly during police chase in Los Angeles

    Watch what happened when California Police tried to to pull over a speeding pick-up truck.

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    Video caption: Drone footage shows Oregon town covered in flame retardant

    Four million acres have gone up in flames across the West Coast. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced so far.

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    Video caption: Trump to fire responders: 'It'll start getting cooler'

    President Trump received a briefing about the wildfires burning across California,