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    Video caption: Students encouraged to talk about mental health issues

    A woman whose sister took her own life is encouraging students to talk about mental health issues.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Hospital order 5,000 'pioneering' respirator hoods

    A company that normally makes street lights is now manufacturing the reusable kit for Covid-19 wards.

  3. University tests personal respirator for medical staff

    Engineers and medics at Southampton University are testing a prototype personal respirator for use by frontline healthcare staff treating coronavirus patients.

    The university is working with McLaren, Kemp Sails and others on the fabric hood which has a visor and a small, portable unit which delivers clean air through a filter powered by a belt-mounted battery pack.

  4. University of Southampton ends term early over Coronavirus

    The University of Southampton has announced it is bringing forward the end of this current term to the end of Friday, following the coronavirus outbreak.

    A university statement said it was a "pragmatic decision" and it would ensure all students could successfully complete their term’s learning.

    It also said all conferences were being cancelled, international and UK field trips were being suspended and there will be no international staff travel on University business.

    Summer graduations are being postponed until further notice in order to extend the academic year to allow students to complete their courses.

    University of Southampton
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    Video caption: How cruise ship emissions contribute to Southampton's air pollution

    BBC reporter Ben Moore investigates how one of the most profitable leisure industries in the world, can also be one of the most polluting.

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    Video caption: Biobanding: Why size shouldn't matter in youth sport

    Biobanding aims to match youth players by their level of maturity instead of their age.

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    Video caption: The cycling Southampton students picking up food waste

    The waste is taken to a community farm where it is turned into compost or fed to animals.

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    Video caption: Sutton Hoo: Anglo-Saxon king's ship replica could launch in 2022

    A replica of the 7th Century Anglo-Saxon ship found at Sutton Hoo is due to start sea trials in 2022.

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    Video caption: Dorset clearance company sees rise in unwanted possessions

    Baby boomers are finding that when it comes to their 'stuff' the younger generations just don't want it.

  10. Southampton students eye 'the Brexit election'

    Emily Hudson

    Political reporter, BBC Radio Solent,

    Ask 50 students in a bar about tactical voting in previous elections and you might not get an overwhelming response.

    But this is the Brexit election in their eyes.

    For some it’s their first chance to show how they feel about leaving the EU. I look for balance, but it’s not really here. All except two don’t want to us to leave.

    Many are acutely aware of tactical voting, they tell me about articles they’ve seen in left-wing newspapers advising how to show their discontent with Brexit.

    Who is standing in Southampton Itchen and Southampton Test?

    They say their friends are sharing tactical vote advice sites on Facebook, whats app and on email.

    Here in Southampton Itchen – there were just 31 votes between the Conservative and the Labour candidates last time. The two candidates are standing again and are ready for a re-match.

    Many of the students know just how close it was. They will not vote at home in Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire or the safe Conservative London boroughs.

    They will instead chose to visit the ballot box here where they feel their vote could make a real difference.

    Although many of the Halls of Residence and student housing areas are in the Southampton Test constituency, there has been a swing towards city centre living for students.

    That includes a new block called Capital House just off Houndwell Park – it contains more than 400 rooms. Just one floor of students registering to vote and taking a Brexit stance could decide what happens here.