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Goole tube trains deal in numbers

It's been announced that Goole will be the site for building a new fleet of deep underground trains for the London Underground.

New tubes

Here's what the deal means in numbers:

  • The contract is worth £1.5 billion to Siemens
  • The order is for 94 trains initially, but it is expected that Siemens will be the single manufacturer for new tube trains and carry out their maintenance
  • £200 million is being spent by Siemens to build new factory in Goole
  • The 94 trains are expected to be built by 2023
  • 250 people will be employed to build the new factory in Goole
  • 700 manufacturing jobs will be created once the factory opens
  • 50 new apprentice and graduate positions could be created
  • It's claimed the factory will created 1,700 indirect jobs in the supply chain.