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AstraZeneca at risk of losing investor trust

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Minerva's chief executive Sarah Wilson also tells the Today programme that there is concern about the level of pension contributions that the executive at AstraZeneca are enjoying.

She says: "Things like very high pension contributions - 30% pension contributions on an already very high basic salary when most people are looking at their defined benefits schemes closing or very low pension contributions.

"It just doesn’t build trust and confidence between shareholders and companies when they see these kind of schemes being put together."

AstraZeneca boss faces pay revolt

Today Programme

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AstraZeneca chief executive Pascal Soriot
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Friday may potentially be a trying day for UK pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca.

It is holding its annual general meeting and its chief executive Pascal Soriot is facing another investor revolt over his £9.4m pay package.

Sarah Wilson, chief executive at shareholder advisory group Minerva, tells the Today programme: "There are plenty of aspects of AstraZeneca’s pay that are definitely cause for concern for many shareholders."

She says that one of the problems is that AstraZeneca’s remuneration committee "has quite a lot of discretion",

"There’s very poor disclosure about the targets and also we’re not seeing that the chief executive and the executives are actually building up any real share ownership," she says.

"It’s a very complex scheme and it is interesting because the City has been asking for simplification... you end up with some extraordinary numbers at the end of it that don’t seem to stack up for people."

AstraZeneca fire 'confined to basement'

A fire which broke out at the AstraZeneca building in Cambridge has been put out by firefighters.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue said the fire was "confined to ducting in the basement" of the company's new HQ on Francis Crick Avenue.

Firefighters used breathing apparatus and a thermal imaging camera to locate fire. Its cause was accidental.