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  1. Video content

    Video caption: Covid: What is the Oxford vaccine and how does it work?

    Why news on this vaccine is particularly important for people living in the UK.

  2. Video content

    Video caption: Covid-19: Oxford vaccine 'highly effective'

    The director of the Oxford Vaccine group says this vaccine is also easier to store than others.

  3. Video content

    Video caption: AstraZeneca executive: 'The vaccine is clearly effective'

    A coronavirus vaccine produced with the University of Oxford stops 70% of people developing Covid symptoms.

  4. Potential virus vaccine production doubled

    BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

    A Cambridge-based pharmaceutical company claims it can now supply two billion doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine, which is double the number it announced last month.

    AstraZeneca has signed two new deals, including one backed by Microsoft computer system founder Bill Gates, allowing it to double production of the vaccine being developed by Oxford University.


    Pascal Soriot, from AstraZeneca, said the firm should know by September if it works.

    "It is still on track but of course what we cannot predict is the speed the disease will [spread] in the UK," he said.

    "On the one hand we want to see the disease decline, but on the other it will create an issue because we may not be able to show the efficacy of the vaccine."

  5. Video content

    Video caption: Oxford 'started developing coronavirus vaccine in January'

    AstraZeneca boss Pascal Soriot tells the BBC why his firm is backing Oxford in developing a vaccine.

  6. Cambridge health giant launches 'fastest ever' drugs trial for Covid-19

    Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca is launching its fastest ever clinical drugs trial to see whether a cancer medicine can help people with Covid-19.

    Scientist at work

    The Cambridge-based company says it is rushing through global testing for Calquence, currently used to treat some blood cancers.

    It believes the drug could help to cut deaths from Covid-19 and the need for patients to be put on ventilators.

    Covid-19 can trigger an exaggerated immune system response in some patients, increasing harm on the respiratory system.

    There have been encouraging early clinical results, the firm said, which suggest that suppressing the inflammation caused by the immune response may reduce coronavirus's respiratory impact.

    Trials are due to open in the next few days, with the firm's Jose Baselga saying: "This is the fastest launch of any clinical trial in the history of AstraZeneca."