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Harlow Council: Labour hold

At the start of the night Harlow Council was the only Labour-controlled authority in Essex and the party has maintained control there.

Four of the seven wards declared so far have been won by Labour, with the Conservatives taking three.

There are a further four seats to be declared.

Harlow councillor elected by one vote after recounts
The vote is so close it takes three recounts before the result is declared.

The one vote winner: 'Most stressful night of my life'

Laurence Cawley

BBC News

The Conservative candidate elected onto Harlow Council by just a single vote has said the experience was one of the most stressful nights of his life.

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Michael Hardware, and his rivals, had to endure four separate recounts for the Staple Tye seat.

When that ONE vote really does count!

Victoria Polley

BBC Essex

The Conservatives have won the Staple Tye ward in Harlow by a single vote, taking it from UKIP.

The ward was the subject of multiple recounts.

The result? The Conservatives got 574 votes to Labour's 573.

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Slimmest of margins

We're hearing reports of a third recount in one ward in Harlow, Essex. "There's only one vote in it," reports our woman on the scene.