Castle Point Borough Council

  1. Castle Point Borough Council: Current situation

    Castle Point Borough Council

    Castle Point Borough Council is responsible for services like bin collections, parks, public housing and local planning applications.

    Party in power: Conservatives

    Seats up for election: 13

    Seats on council: 42

    The Conservatives dominate most areas of Castle Point but Independents could hold the Canvey Island wards.

    Other public services are controlled by Essex County Council which covers a wider area.

  2. Council closes seafront car parks

    Sarah Jenkins

    BBC News

    Castle Point Borough Council has closed all its seafront car parks "to aid social distancing".

    The authority, which covers Canvey Island, Benfleet, Thundersley and Hadleigh, said the car parks would be closed "for the foreseeable future" in order to "encourage people to stay at home".

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  3. If you are joining us: Conservatives lose big in Essex

    Doug Faulkner

    BBC News Online

    The Conservatives have lost control of four councils across Essex.

    Chelmsford City Council was the scene of the biggest surprise. The Lib Dems overturned a 45-seat majority to take over the authority.

    Southend, Basildon and Tendring fell to no overall control, while Thurrock and Colchester also remained without an outright majority.

    There were Conservative holds in Castle Point, Maldon, Epping, Rochford, Brentwood and Braintree.

    Harlow stayed under Labour control.

    Lib Dems celebrate victory
  4. Castle Point Borough Council: Conservative hold

    The Conservatives have held on to Castle Point.

    The party held 27 of the 41 seats before the election with 17 up for grabs.