Stevenage Borough Council

Stevenage scoreboard

2021 Labour hold, from 2019

Counting complete. After 14 of 14 seats declared.

Change compared with 2019
  1. Labour

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 6
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -5
    • Councillors overall total 22
  2. Conservative

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 6
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +4
    • Councillors overall total 11
  3. Liberal Democrat

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 2
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +1
    • Councillors overall total 6
  1. Video content

    Video caption: Stevenage man who slept in woods finds permanent post-lockdown home

    Joy as a former homeless man is given a flat after fears of living in the woods again post-lockdown.

  2. 'Play box' queues must observe virus social distancing

    Starting on Tuesday residents can pick up a "takeaway play box" from one of the Stevenage Borough Council's play centres.

    Because it is expected to be a busy time residents are requested to observe social distancing and other pandemic guidelines when queuing.

    Boxes can be picked up from these play centres on the given days:

    • Tuesday at St Nicholas
    • Wednesday at Bandley Hill
    • Thursday at Pin Green
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  3. Cuts to services possible says council

    BBC Look East

    The leader of Labour-run local authority has said reports it is on the brink of declaring bankruptcy were "premature".

    Sharon Taylor told BBC Look East that coronavirus had created a difficult financial situation at Stevenage Borough Council, and it was expecting to have a £4m shortfall by the end of July.

    "At its worst it will mean making cuts to essential key services that everyone has really valued during the epidemic and potentially to the jobs of those people that at the moment are our local government heroes," she said.

    Sharon Taylor
  4. Fairlands Valley 'could have one-way system'

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    As people can now enjoy unlimited exercise, destination parks – like Fairlands Valley in Stevenage – are expected to be increasingly popular and the town's Borough Council is considering how social distancing can be ensured.

    Fairlands Valley Park

    At a council meeting this week, it emerged a one-way system was one option which would mean walkers and joggers would be directed to travel around the lake in the same direction.

    But after the meeting, the council’s executive member John Gardner said that option was "low probability", because the number of entrances around the park would make one-way signage difficult and it would be to difficult to instruct visitors to walk in a particular direction, when it would not be enforceable.

    He said that where people did approach each other around the lake there was already room to move aside.

    Councillor Gardner said he expects there may be new signs advising visitors to observe social distancing.

  5. District councils get more of government share of money

    Andy Holmes

    BBC Three Counties Radio political reporter

    Councils across Beds, Herts and Bucks have received details of their latest round of emergency funding from the government to help deal with the pandemic.

    In the second £1.6bn handout, Luton Council, which has said the shutdown at Luton Airport will leave them with a £45m shortfall, will get a further £5.8m, which is a slight increase.

    Hertfordshire County Council is getting less this time around and the government has said this payment is not ring-fenced for adult social care like the first round of funding, so the council could spend it on whatever it wants.

    After the first allocation, there were concerns from district councils that they had missed out, having arguably lost more since the start of the pandemic because they get a lot of funds from car park charges and revenue from leisure centres that are currently closed.

    This time, the districts have got a much larger share, some having gone from thousands to more than £1m.

    • Bedford Borough: £4.7m - up £600,000
    • Broxbourne Borough: £958,000 - up £917,000
    • Bucks Unitary Authority*: £14.9m - up £4.5m
    • Central Beds: £7.9m - up £2.4m
    • Dacorum District: £1.5m - up £1,447,000
    • East Herts District: £1.4m - up £1,353,000
    • Herts County Council: £21.7m - down £4.4m
    • Hertsmere Borough: £1m - up £953,000
    • Luton Borough: £5.8m - up £400,000
    • Milton Keynes Borough: £7.4m - up £1.4m
    • North Herts District: £1.3m - up £1,252,000
    • St Albans City and District: £1.4m - up £1,356,000
    • Stevenage Borough: £871,000 - up £826,000
    • Three Rivers District: £920,000 - up £885,000
    • Watford Borough: £959,000 - up £909,000
    • Welwyn Hatfield Borough: £1.2m - £1,149,000

    * the Bucks Unitary Authority replaced Bucks County Council, Aylesbury Vale DC, Chiltern DC, South Bucks DC and Wycombe DC on 1 April.

  6. Special 'thank you' to waste collectors

    Alex Pope

    BBC News Online

    Although most of us are trying to work from home, some jobs just have to stay in the workplace.

    This includes waste collectors who have still been out collecting and sorting out rubbish.

    Many children have been showing their appreciation by writing a special thank you lot, as Stevenage Borough Council have highlighted.

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  7. Lockdown closes beauty spot car park

    Nic Rigby

    BBC News

    The main car park at Fairlands Valley Lakes in Stevenage has been closed to “reduce the risk from mass gatherings”.

    Stevenage Borough Council notices say it is now for “disabled parking only", adding: “To reduce the risk from mass gatherings this car park is now closed.

    "Public gatherings of more than two people are prohibited.”

    The sign
  8. 'Tories take a hit while Lib Dems gain ground'

    Ben Schofield

    Political Reporter, BBC Look East

    With more councils being declared, two trends are emerging: the Conservatives taking a hit and the Liberal Democrats gaining ground.

    In Welwyn Hatfield the Conservatives are now two short of a majority, having previously controlled the council by a whisker. The Lib Dems saw their seat tally here increase from eight to 12.

    The Tories kept firm hold of East Hertfordshire Council, albeit with a reduced majority. The Lib Dems here have seen their ranks swell from just one councillor to six.

    Little changed in Labour-held Stevenage and Luton.

    The Green Party have two new seats in East Hertfordshire,

  9. Labour retain control in Stevenage

    Katy Lewis

    BBC Local Live

    As expected, Labour has retained control in Stevenage where a third of the seats were up for election.

    Of the 13 seats, Labour won nine, gaining two from the Conservatives but losing one to the Lib Dems, giving them 27 seats in total - a gain of one.

    The Conservatives won the other two of the four seats they were defending, giving them seven seats on the council.

    The Lib Dems also won two seats, giving them a total of five.

  10. Stevenage Borough Council: Labour hold

    Labour has retained control of the council in Stevenage.

  11. Hertfordshire: Polls held for 10 councils

    Andy Holmes

    BBC Three Counties Radio political reporter

    There have been no county council elections this year but all 10 lower-tier councils in Hertfordshire - the districts and the boroughs - have had ballots on Thursday.

    In Dacorum, East Herts and Hertsmere, everybody is up for election, while a third of all councillors are standing in the other seven authorities: Broxbourne, North Herts, St Albans, Stevenage, Three Rivers, Watford and Welwyn Hatfield.

    St Albans District Council

    The Conservatives run seven of the 10 authorities, with the Liberal Democrats in charge of Three Rivers and Watford, and Labour responsible for Stevenage.

    The Tories are expected to hold Dacorum, East Herts, Hertsmere, Broxbourne and North Herts, while Labour should hold on to Stevenage and Watford is likely to stay Lib Dem.

    But Welwyn nearly went to no overall control in 2018 and St Albans could also be interesting. There the Conservatives are defending 14 seats but have a majority of 12.

    Three Rivers could go to no overall control, although the Tories are defending lots of seats.