Coronavirus outbreak

Quarantined man says flood victims 'worse off'

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An Eastwood man quarantined on a cruise ship in Japan has said watching reports on the flooding has given him some perspective on his situation.

Alan and his wife Vanessa have not left their room for 15 days because of a coronavirus outbreak on board.

They have now been told they will be flown back to the UK by the government but they do not know when and face at least another two weeks in quarantine.

Alan and Vanessa
Family handout

He told BBC Radio Nottingham their situation is "inconvenient and depressing", but they have been watching reports on the floods and that has shown him "there are people worse off than [him]".

Coronavirus: Ethiopian stranded in Wuhan

An Ethiopian student explains the impact of her three-week lock down in Wuhan
Following the virus outbreak in China a number of countries have since managed to repatriate their nationals from the Chinese city of Wuhan - the source of the outbreak. This includes New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and the United Kingdom, as well as also Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Canada, the Philippines as well as the US and France. But not all countries are able or willing to do that. Speaking to BBC Newsday, Kidist Amdu is among the many Ethiopian students still in Wuhan.

Coronavirus supply chain woes are 'a global problem'

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Jaguar Land Rover cars in the factory
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Jaguar Land Rover has had to fly in small car parts in suitcases such as key fobs as the coronavirus outbreak hits the company's supply chain, and is warning that it could start to run out of Chinese parts for its UK factories in a fortnight.

The virus has killed more than 1,800 people in China sparking a shutdown that has seen factories close across the country, and its impact on global supply chains is becoming marked.

"We've had many of the car manufacturers talking about cutting production, and also JCB saying supplies are affecting their production," said Laura Lambie, senior investment director at Investec Wealth and Investment.

"It's a global problem that in the cold light of day when this is all over, companies will have to think through their supply chains and how they can combat it in the future."

Coronavirus: 'I feel like an adopted child of Kenya'

A Kenyan student stuck in Wuhan, China, has accused the government of abandoning its citizens in the virus-hit city that is under lockdown.

Jeffrey Okundi told Kenya's privately-owned Citizen TV that he was disheartened to see other countries repatriate their students while he was ignored by his government.

Kenya has walked back on a promise made two weeks ago to repatriate students from Wuhan once the lockdown ends. Its Ambassador to China, Sarah Serem, on Monday said the students would remain there and offered a prayer for their safety.

Mr Okundi decried the lack of communication from the government, saying he received one call from the ambassador a few weeks ago.

He said he only saw on social media an announcement that the government would not repatriate them from Wuhan.

Mr Okundi added:

In all honesty I feel like an adopted child of Kenya or a situation where a father has decided to leave his child to be taken care of by another dad."

Here is the interview of Mr Okundi on Citizen TV:

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