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Rwandan brewery apologises for sexist beer jokes

Samba Cyuzuzo

BBC Great Lakes

Rwanda Skol beer bottles with the sexist jokes
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A Rwandan brewery has apologised to those upset by derogatory jokes about women printed on its beer labels.

One of the jokes appearing on the bottles of Skol beer says: “When can a woman make you a millionaire?” The answer: “When you are a billionaire.”

Tweeters reacted in fury to the #livelaughlager campaign.

“Sexist jokes are NOT funny… they perpetuate the narrative that women are less intelligent and capable than men!” one person tweeted.

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Another tweeter, Juliette Karitanyi, posted that women weren’t laughing, adding it undermined the work of Rwandan women.

The minister of gender and family planning agreed, saying such language demeaning women was not acceptable in Rwanda.

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The illustrator involved in the campaign for Skol - one of Rwanda's most popular beers - was the first to apologise, saying it did not correspond with his personal values.

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After the BBC contacted Skol Rwanda, the brewery tweeted that it was sorry for any offence caused.

“We’ve stopped production of these jokes,” it said.

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Producer: Sophia Smith Galer