Brexitcast reacts to Danish politician advertising on PornHub
Brexitcast hosts Laura Kuenssberg and Katya Adler can't stop laughing when they discuss where a Danish politician is advertising his election campaign online.
South Western Railway train's tannoy broadcasts 'porn sighs'
A passenger tweeted footage of the sounds, like sighs from a pornographic film, played over the tannoy.

Is watching porn wrong?

Sex positive bloggers Come Curious ask; Is porn unhealthy or a normal part of life?
Porn panics of the past
The upcoming UK age-based block on internet porn isn't the first move to restrict access to it in Britain.
Online pornography age checks for UK web users
UK internet users could soon have to pay for an ID check if they want to watch pornography online.

The 'Porn Peloton cycling across Europe'

A cycling club from the adult entertainment industry has fallen out with British Cycling
It's very rare that Sportshour contains some x-rated content, but a row has broken out between the adult entertainment industry and British Cycling.

The Porn Pedallers cycling club has lost its affiliation with the organisation because the governing body says its name might damage the sport's image. 

The club says it's gained more than 100 members, comprising porn actors and industry workers since forming three years ago, and says it raises money and awareness for sexual health charities.

Chris Ratcliff is the club’s founder and tells Sportshour why they don’t want to change their name.

Photo: Porn Pedallers cycling club (Twitter - @pornpedallers)