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    Video caption: Pornography effects: 'Watching porn left me scarred from a young age'

    Calls are made for the dangers of porn to be included in the new Welsh school curriculum.

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    Video caption: New Zealand porn ad designed to protect children

    Many children learn about sex via online pornography. New Zealand warns this is not exactly ideal.

  3. Have alcohol, gambling and porn habits changed in lockdown?

    Most people's lives changed on 23 March, when we were placed in lockdown, so to find out how we have coped or changed our habits, volunteers are needed to take part in a study.

    The University of Cambridge wants to know if staying at home has led to us drinking more, spending more time gambling online or consuming pornography.

    The anonymous online survey takes 10 minutes to complete, researchers said.

    Someone on a computer

    Dr Valerie Voon, from the university, said: "In many cases, these changes will be people’s strategies for coping with the anxiety and stress caused by the pandemic and lockdown and, we hope, won't have a long-term impact if the behaviour can be controlled.

    "For some people who might already have been struggling with or have a history of addiction these increased habits could prove problematic."

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    Video caption: Ex porn-star and activist Philipp explores men's rights issues

    Philipp travels to a Conference on Men’s Issues in Chicago, shedding light on the controversial movement.