1. Senator Dick Durbin: cyber attack "a virtual invasion of the United States"

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    Video caption: Senator Dick Durbin on the cyber attack on US government agencies

    Senator Dick Durbin on the cyber attack on US government agencies and why he won't be spending Christmas with his extended family this year

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    Video caption: Why did the penguins go to the cinema?

    These birds from a Chicago aquarium go on regular trips to unusual places. There's a good reason for it.

  3. BreakingBiden projected to win Illinois


    Illinois is projected to vote for Joe Biden.

    The Midwestern state, which includes Chicago, is Barack Obama’s political stomping ground, and has voted Democrat in every presidential race since 1992.

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    Video caption: Buffalo Wild Wings customers speak after racist incident

    The group left a Buffalo Wild Wings in Illinois after being told to move because of their race.

  5. By Victoria Gill

    Science correspondent, BBC News

    Plastic bag floating in the ocean

    US chemists have turned plastic into motor oil, but the scientific battle to break down the tide of plastic waste continues.

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    Video caption: US five-year-old girl chased by coyote in front garden

    Footage shows a five-year-old girl being chased by a coyote in her front garden.