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    Video caption: Geminid meteor shower dazzles night skies

    Some of the best views of the annual meteor shower were above Lijiang city in southwest China.

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    Video caption: Osiris-Rex: The moment a Nasa probe tagged an asteroid

    The first images are released of the Osiris-Rex spacecraft trying to grab rock from asteroid Bennu.

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    Video caption: Nasa's Osiris-Rex spacecraft successfully tags Asteroid Bennu

    Nasa scientists were elated as the spacecraft successfully touched down for just a few seconds to grab rocks and dirt.

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    Video caption: Nasa's Osiris-Rex asteroid probe: Picking a parking space from 200 million miles

    Nasa's Osiris-Rex probe will attempt to pick up a sample of Asteroid Bennu on Tuesday.

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    Video caption: Extinction events: 'If a comet hits Earth, life will turn to pain'

    Asteroids and comets pose "one of the most significant risks to human civilisation", it is claimed.

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    Video caption: Computer simulation reveals asteroid's attack angle

    The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit Earth at a particularly lethal angle, scientists say.

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    Video caption: Impact angle made 'dinosaur asteroid' particularly lethal

    Scientists investigate why a life-destroying space rock had the effect it did 66 million years ago.