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Pause For Thought: 'We could all up our welcoming game.'

Paul Kerensa welcomes Zoe to her new Breakfast Show.
Zoe Ball on choosing her first song for Radio 2 Breakfast Show
The new Radio 2 early host reveals which famous guests she has lined up for the first show on Monday.
Zoe Ball has been announced as the new Breakfast show presenter on Radio 2
Zoe Ball reacts to being unveiled as the new breakfast show presenter on BBC Radio 2.
The moment Chris reveals that Zoe's taking over the Radio 2 Breakfast Show in January.
The moment Chris Evans revealed that Zoe Ball is taking over Radio 2's Breakfast Show in January.
Zoe Ball

Mark Savage

BBC Music reporter

The BBC's biggest radio station is heading to the Balearic Isles to relive the dance hits of the 80s.

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