European Parliament

  1. More than 170 Covid cases at European Parliament

    MEPs in the European Parliament, 11 November 2020
    Image caption: MEPs in the European Parliament

    The European Parliament has suffered a significant Covid outbreak: 171 cases among MEPs and staff at the end of October, a spokesperson told the BBC.

    She did not have a more recent figure, saying the numbers were evolving, but were decreasing as most parliament meetings were now taking place online.

    Most were asymptomatic cases, detected because of the track and trace system, the spokesperson said.

    MEPs no longer travel to Strasbourg each month, as they used to. And the Brussels meetings have fewer participants than previously.

    In total, there are 705 MEPs and nearly 4,000 MEPs' assistants, plus about 7,500 other staff at the European Parliament.

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    Video caption: EU chief: Both sides agreed Brexit withdrawal deal

    EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen has said the Brexit withdrawal agreement took three years of work.

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    Video caption: Brexit Party MEP Widdecombe leaves leave EU Parliament, led by a bagpiper

    Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe has left the European Parliament in Brussels for the last time, led by a bagpiper.

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    Video caption: MEPs say goodbye to Brussells

    On Wednesday, MEPs overwhelmingly backed the terms of the UK's departure from the EU.

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    Video caption: Brexit: 'We're leaving and we are taking our flag with us'

    Ahead of the UK leaving the EU on Friday, Welsh MEPs have been packing up in Brussels.

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    Video caption: Nigel Farage cut off by Mairead McGuinness in European Parliament

    Nigel Farage cut off by Mairead McGuinness while making final remarks to European Parliament.

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    Video caption: Brexit: Tears and Auld Lang Syne as MEPs back terms

    There were emotional moments as members of the European Parliament backed the terms of the UK's exit.

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    Video caption: Molly Scott Cato: 'One day I will be back'

    An emotional Molly Scott Cato - Green MEP - tells European Parliament colleagues "one day I will be back in this chamber" as they vote to ratify the Brexit agreement.

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    Video caption: Brexit: MEPs sing in unison ahead of Brexit

    The singing happened as Brexit withdrawal agreement was being ratified.