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    Video caption: A peek into Jewish life before World War Two

    A huge trove of artefacts that was saved from the Nazis offers a fascinating glimpse of Yiddish culture.

  2. Yellow Canary

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    Video caption: Wartime thriller set aboard a Canada-bound ship. Starring Richard Greene and Anna Neagle.

    Wartime thriller set aboard a ship bound for Canada from Britain, in which an undercover agent is approached by a Nazi spy scheming to sabotage a British convoy in Nova Scotia.

  3. Niklas Frank - Son of Hans Frank, Governor General of Nazi-Occupied Poland

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    Video caption: Stephen Sackur talks to writer Niklas Frank, son of Nazi governor Hans Frank.

    Stephen Sackur talks to journalist and writer Niklas Frank, who is also the son of Hans Frank, the brutal Nazi governor of Poland from 1939 to 1945.

  4. Ben Ferencz - Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Nazi Trials

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    Video caption: An interview with the last surviving prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, Ben Ferencz.

    Zeinab Badawi interviews the last surviving prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, Ben Ferencz. Does he believe the Nuremberg trials have made crimes against humanity less likely to be committed today?

  5. The Man Who Saw Too Much

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    Video caption: The story of 106-year-old Boris Pahor, a concentration camp survivor.

    106-year-old Boris Pahor, believed to be the oldest living survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, talks about life and death at Natzweiler, where almost half the prisoners died.

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    Video caption: Remembering Babyn Yar and Ukraine's forgotten 'Holocaust by bullets'

    Ukraine is still grappling with how to remember one of the worst massacres of World War Two.

  7. Episode 5 - Documents Don't Lie

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    Video caption: What’s it like to be told about a gas chamber for the first time?

    The evidence is building up. But there’s almost too much – too many Nazi files and reports. But will documents be enough proof or should they hear from the victims themselves?

  8. Episode 4 - Only Obeying Orders

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    Video caption: These crimes are so enormous they need new words. Like genocide.

    The Allies have agreed to put the Nazi bosses on trial. But what sort of trial? And what will these men be charged with – exactly what is ‘A Crime Against Humanity’?

  9. Episode 3 - What Kind of Justice

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    Video caption: Do top Nazis deserve a trial? Or just summary execution? Or both?

    The Allies must now decide what to do with the leading Nazis. Washington wants a trial, but Prime Minister Churchill is happy to have them shot. Who will win the argument?

  10. Episode 2 - No-One Gets Out of Here

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    Video caption: The top Nazis are behind bars – but they’re still in danger.

    June 1945 and the top surviving Nazis are being tracked down all over Europe. Right now, they’re being held in a Luxembourg hotel but there are people out there who want revenge.

  11. Episode 1 - The Hunt

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    Video caption: May 1945 and the leading Nazis have gone to ground all over Europe.

    It’s May 1945 and Germany has just surrendered. The country is in chaos but hiding somewhere, hoping to slip away, are the top Nazis. They have to be caught.