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Is this the Banksy of the cryptocurrency world?
Aktiv Protesk is one of a new wave of artists who uses cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, to sell his art.

Hong Kong set to regulate cryptocurrencies

Image of a bitcoin
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Hong Kong's security and futures watchdog says it is thinking about bringing crypto exchanges - platforms that facilitate the trade of digital currencies - under its regulatory net.

"In light of the significant risks virtual assets pose to investors, the SFC [Securities and Futures Commission] will adopt new measures within its regulatory remit to protect those who invest in virtual asset portfolios or funds," the watchdog said.

It said it would impose licensing conditions on firms which manage virtual assets and encourage "responsible use" of digital tokens like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin turns 10

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Bitcoin is celebrating its 10th birthday today.

The cryptocurrency first surfaced on Halloween in 2008, after a mysterious figure going by the fictitious name Satoshi Nakamoto released a paper that explained how the new money would work.

It's value has moved wildly and in 2017 the price of a bitcoin rocketed to nearly £15,000. Today, the digital currency is trading at around $6,200 (£4,878), according to Coinbase.

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