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A14 bridge 'needs more cameras' to stay open in high winds

Jason Noble

Suffolk Local Democracy Reporter

The Orwell Bridge could stay open in high winds as long as a 40mph speed limit can be enforced with more speed cameras, Highways England told Ipswich Borough Council’s scrutiny committee last night.

Simon Amor, Highways England’s head of planning and development, said final wind tunnel testing for validation of the new design is expected to last about four weeks.

Orwell Bridge
Highways England

But Mr Amor confirmed that while the existing average speed cameras for the bridge (used to enforce the general 60mph limit) could be used, more speed cameras were needed.

He said: "The design itself hasn’t been affected by coronavirus so we have managed to progress that.

"We can’t have a lower speed limit if you can’t enforce it, and how we enforce it is quite crucial to that."

Homeless people kept 'safe' during lockdown

The number of homeless people given a place to stay by councils during the coronavirus lockdown in Suffolk has reached about 250, with accommodation provided in hotels and bed and breakfasts.

The government has said it is going to extend funding so longer term secure accommodation can be found for everyone.

Nick, who has "sofa-surfed" and been sleeping rough, was given a hotel room by Ipswich Borough Council in April.

He said he had been "safe" and able to talk to family members.

But he said it had not been the same for everyone as "there are still some here who are leaving and do not have anywhere to go".

Ipswich Cornhill

Suffolk sees more than 1,500 Covid-19 cases

Nic Rigby

BBC News

The number of cases of coronavirus in Suffolk stands at 1,502 according to the latest figures.

That's up from 1,464 confirmed cases at the beginning of last week.


A breakdown of the number of cases by district council area shows that of those tested there are 348 cases in Ipswich, 608 in East Suffolk, 174 in Mid Suffolk, 147 in Babergh and 225 in West Suffolk.

Ipswich with 253 cases per 100,000 of the population has the highest number of cases relative to the size of its population.

But the borough only saw three more cases this week compared to last week.

Skatepark and public toilets to reopen

Local Democracy Reporting Service

For those who want to get out and about this weekend without discomfort public toilets have been reopened in some Ipswich open areas following the coronavirus lockdown, the borough council said.

The riverside skatepark has also been reopened with new signs displaying social distancing reminders.

Major's Corner public toilets, Ipswich

Five of the council’s public toilets, at Major's Corner (pictured), Christchurch Park, Holywells Park, Lawn Cemetery and Millennium Cemetery will be open between 10:00 and 16:00 initially.

Disabled toilets will be open on a strict "one person in, one person out" basis. The council confirmed there would be sanitising for cubicles after each use.

A council spokesman said: "These are considered to be those which are used more frequently, where there are hand-washing basins, where we believe at this point in time there is a demand and where can supply resource to regularly sanitise them."

Ipswich's riverside skatepark

Ipswich road layouts could change to aid social distancing

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Some road layouts in Ipswich town centre could change under proposals to enable greater social distancing.

Geograph/Adrian Cable

Ipswich Borough Council is working with Ipswich Central business group, police and county council on a plan to begin opening up the town centre to more people from 1 June.

Currently the only stores open are those deemed essential.

Full details are due to be revealed on 29 May, but discussions are understood to include managing pedestrian flow and whether some narrow alleyways would need to close or be one-way only. How deliveries and rubbish collections are managed will also be considered.

Labour borough council leader David Ellesmere said: "Plans are under way to follow government guidance and reopen the town centre – when the time is right."

Drone shows Ipswich town centre empty on Saturday, 9 May

'Limit contact with other people'

If the weather is hot again this weekend, and despite lockdown restrictions being relaxed, people are being reminded that many of the rules are still in place and common sense should prevail in terms of meeting other people.

Ipswich Borough Council is focusing on the two-metre social distancing rule.

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Ipswich sees differing approaches to resumption of tennis

Tennis is one of the sports the government says can resume as lockdown restrictions are relaxed, but it's led to varying approaches in Ipswich.

Only singles is allowed, and the town's borough council is reopening the public courts in its parks.

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However, one of the town's larger clubs, Ipswich Sports Club, is still reviewing how it will re-open and it is expecting a delay until later this week.

"There is a lot for the club to assess as we want to satisfy the Lawn Tennis Association's recommended approach to venues to 're-open safely rather than rushing'," said Vanessa Penn, club chairman.

For the moment the club facilities, which also include squash courts and gym, remain closed.

Ipswich Sports Club
Ipswich Sports Club with its dome deflated