1. Jersey Zoo shells out to give rare turtles a new home

    Andrew Segal

    BBC News

    Madagascar big-headed turtles at Jersey Zoo

    Two Madagascar big-headed turtles have been given a new home at Jersey Zoo.

    Staff said the species, known locally as "rere", was found only in Madagascar and thought to be "one of the most endangered species of turtle in the world".

    The two turtles were transferred to Jersey last year after having been confiscated from smugglers in Hong Kong a year earlier and can now be seen by the public having had a chance to grow accustomed to their new surroundings.

    They added that Jersey was "only the second zoo in Europe to hold this species", which was listed as critically endangered in the wild, "mainly due to habitat loss and over-exploitation for human consumption through unsustainable fishing techniques".

    The rescued animals were to "form the nucleus of a new captive breeding group to learn more about the species and act as education ambassadors for our Madagascar conservation programme", the zoo said.

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