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A third of the seats in Lincoln were up for election this year. Find out more about these elections.

Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 7 Total councillors 24 Change-3


Elected in 2018 4 Total councillors 9 Change+3
Councillors change compared with 2016

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Mamba arrests in Lincoln

Four people have been arrested after the drug Mamba was discovered in a house in Lincoln.


Police raided the home on Honington Approach on Ermine West on Wednesday.

All four were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Mamba.

Illegal cigarettes seized from third shop

A shop in Lincoln has been banned from selling alcohol after illegal cigarettes were seized.

Illegal Cigarettes
Lincolnshire Police

Police and trading standards officers found non-duty paid vodka on sale at the Super Stop Shop on Monks Road.

Counterfeit and illicit cigarettes were also found hidden behind light fittings in the ceiling.

Cigarettes in ceiling
Lincolnshire Police

It's the third shop in Lincolnshire to have its licence revoked over the past week.

Whoever said recycling was easy?

One county, one recycling centre, seven sets of rules
All the recycling in Lincolnshire is processed by the same company, but different councils have different rules.

Lincolnshire recycling system leading to 'confusion'

Earlier we told you that the head of recycling for Lincolnshire has admitted that the county's conflicting sets of rules when it comes to waste are "daft".

One company handles all the recycling for the county but old rules from a previous system mean that different areas are told different things about what they're allowed to put in their bins.

Mid UK recycling
Mid UK recycling

Libby Peake from the Green Alliance says if we want recycling rates to go up then we need a more simple process.

I think it's quite unhelpful that so many local authorities have different systems. This is something that leads to a lot of confusion among consumers... we definitely need to have much more consistency.

Libby PeakeGreen Alliance

Lincolnshire's recycling rules 'daft'

Alex Rhodes

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

The head of Lincolnshire's Waste Partnership says the county's recycling rules are "a nightmare".

His comments come after it emerged different areas have different rules - even though all the waste goes to the same place.

For example, in North Kesteven and South Holland you are allowed to put plastic carrier bags in your recycling bin, but everywhere else you can't.


This is despite the fact that everything collected ends up with the same company - Mid UK Recycling Ltd.

Councillor Eddie Poll, from the county's waste partnership, says the confusion dates from a time when each council had contracts with different waste companies.

He says if the rules were changed overnight the current bin lorry routes wouldn't be able to handle the extra rubbish.

I know it seems daft. Please give them time to work through the rearrangements they need to make. To make sure that when we do get to common rules we can take it all away and not leave anything by the kerbside."

Clr Eddie PollLincolnshire Waste Partnership

Council's cash boost from Imps deal

The City of Lincoln Council made over £26,000 from a deal with Lincoln City to share parking on the city's South Common on match days.

South Common
City of Lincoln Council

The council gets £2.50 of every £4 the club makes while managing the car park at Malandry Closes - an area on the edge of the common close to Sincil Bank.

The council will decide next week how to spend the cash which is ring-fenced to support the city's common areas.

£1.1m loss expected for car parking

The City of Lincoln Council is expecting to lose more than £1.1m in car park revenue by the end of the year.

high street

A report going to the city council shows income from parking is already down by more than £300,000 this year.

The document says this is in line with a fall in the number of shoppers in the city centre - it has dropped by about a quarter.

Labour maintain control in Lincoln but lose seats to Tories

Ahead of the election there were 26 Labour, six Conservative and one Independent.

The Tories took Birchwood and Witham from Labour, and also took control of the Minster ward from the Independent candidate.

The turnout was 30.33%

Steep Hill, Lincoln