1. Nigeria lifts Emirates airlines ban

    Chris Ewokor

    BBC News, Abuja

    Nigeria has lifted the ban it placed on the world's biggest long-haul carrier operating flights into the country.

    Emirates was banned from operating in the country after the United Arab Emirates stopped issuing visas to Nigerians.

    But the Nigerian Minister of Aviation Hadi Sirika tweeted that the UAE has written to say they will now issue Nigerians visas and so Emirates will be allowed to fly into Nigeria.

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    Last month, Nigeria reopened its international borders, after closing them to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

    But it announced a tit-for-tat policy where the borders would remain closed to those who do not allow Nigerians in.

  2. Emirates reports lowest profits in a decade


    Dubai-based Emirates has reported a 69% fall in annual profits to $237m (£182m) - the lowest for a decade.

    Costs rose 8%, mainly due to a 22% rise in the cost of jet fuel.

    The company was also hurt by a stronger US dollar. Many of the company's costs are in dollars, but a lot of its income is in currencies which were relatively weak against the US currency.

    The overall group reported a 44% fall in profit to $631m.

  3. Emirates to switch from the A380?

    Airbus A380

    Reuters is reporting that Emirates is considering switching orders for the Airbus A380 - the world's largest plane - to the smaller A350.

    A year ago, the airline announced an order for up to 36 of the planes, in a $16bn deal that at the time was regarded as a reprieve for the A380 as Airbus had been threatened to stop making the jet.

    Airbus has now confirmed it is "discussions with Emirates Airline in relation to its A380 contract".

    But it provided no further details, saying its "commercial discussions with customers remain confidential".

  4. Superjumbo to fly from Glasgow

    An A380

    Emirates is to introduce its first Airbus A380 service in Scotland with flights between Glasgow and Dubai.

    The superjumbo will enter operation at Glasgow Airport on 16 April next year with regular flights until the end of the summer season in October.

    The A380 is the world's largest commercial aircraft - it has a wing span of nearly 80 metres, which is just 10 metres shorter than the minimum length of a football pitch.

    It can carry almost 500 passengers in economy, business and first class suites.

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    Video caption: Why the A380 never really took off

    Airbus has said it will stop making its superjumbo if it does not get any more orders.

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    Video caption: Dubai Emirates flight: 'All of his friends are sick'

    Family members and friends wait at JFK airport for passengers of the Emirates flight to be released.