China-US relations

  1. US election: China congratulates Joe Biden on victory

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    Video caption: China, along with very few nations including Russia, had not acknowledged Biden's win

    China, along with very few nations including Russia, had not acknowledged Biden's win in the US presidential elections.

  2. Sarcasm from China after US media drop Trump statement

    Kerry Allen

    BBC Monitoring, Chinese Media Analyst

    Donald Trump at the White House briefing room
    Image caption: Major US networks halted their coverage of Donald Trump's statement

    One of the biggest talking points in Chinese media today is how multiple US broadcasters suddenly halted their coverage of President Donald Trump’s live White House statement yesterday, mid-broadcast.

    This is sort of ironic given that China, more than any other country, has a track record of repeatedly cutting TV interviews mid-broadcast.

    China repeatedly ranks near the bottom in media press freedom indexes from organisations such as Reporters Without Borders, while the US often appears nearer the top.

    It is common for TV channels like BBC World News to suddenly be replaced with a black screen, when content that contradicts China’s Communist Party rhetoric is aired.

    But influential Chinese media outlets have not shied from highlighting how major networks including CNBC, MSNBC and NBC cut away from Trump's statement yesterday - even though US broadcasters would argue they pulled the stream for reasons of accuracy.

    US outlets said they halted Mr Trump's speech because he was spreading unsubstantiated claims. “Our job is spread truth – not unfounded conspiracies," USA Today said.

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    Nonetheless, Chinese social media users on the popular website Sina Weibo are having a field day.

    “This is the free and democratic American media,” one user says. “Long live democracy,” another says sarcastically.

    “Someone suppressed his speech? Don’t they [Americans] often say that that they have the right to speak freely and no one should stop it?” one asks.

    One user joked that Trump needs to take “Chinese software” to his next speech, referring to a VPN. That’s a piece of software that bypasses restrictions, and allows Chinese netizens to see and hear media the Chinese government doesn’t want them to see.

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