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    Video caption: Chinese consulate in Houston: Men filmed using hose in courtyard

    Men are filmed using a hose and closing rubbish bins, as the US orders the mission's closure.

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    Video caption: George Floyd death: Houston police chief says chokehold technique should be banned

    The technique is "too often" used in situations that lead to death, says Houston boss Art Acevedo.

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    Video caption: George Floyd's niece: 'This is not just murder, but a hate crime'

    Brooke Williams, George Floyd's niece, said 'justice would be served' for him as long as she is breathing.

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    Video caption: Burst water main leaves drivers stranded

    Flooding in Houston led to cars being submerged and people having to take refuge on their roofs.

  5. Houston Rockets guard James Harden looks perplexed by a referee decision

    The NBA rejects the Houston Rockets' request to replay the finale of their defeat by the San Antonio Spurs during which a James Harden dunk was incorrectly ruled out.

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