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River turns luminous green

Chris Quevatre

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A picture of the River Caen in Braunton has emerged on social media, with the water turning a luminous shade of green.

Speculation as to why the river had turned such a colour varied, with some suggesting that it was due to algae growing in the hot weather - other suggested the Hulk was having a bath upstream.

The actual reason? It's a green dye used by the Environment Agency to track water flow through the river.

River Caen
Jo Sanders

Southern Water: 'Where is the environmental fine?'

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

Water flowing out of sewage pipes
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On Monday, Southern Water was hit with a record £126m punishment for spills of wastewater into the environment from its sewage plants and for deliberately misreporting its performance.

The penalty will see customers get a rebate of at least £61 each, but this translates to about £1 off bills a month over the next five years.

Mary Creagh MP, chair of the parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee, doesn't think this is enough.

"My question really for the regulator is: where is the environmental fine?," she told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"We know that this company was systematically flooding the beaches and rivers of the southern portion of our country with raw sewage over a seven-year period, but there's no fine for the environment.

"What are they doing to make good the fish that they have killed and the environmental destruction they have caused?"

Worcester flood reporting rubbished by Environment Agency

The Environment Agency's Dave Throup has called reports that Worcester has been "cut off" by flooding "irresponsible and inaccurate".

He highlighted reports saying the city was "almost completely cut off by floodwater" and reported swans swimming through the streets.

Swans not in street
Environment Agency

Mr Throup said in a tweet the river would have to be half a metre higher for main roads to be affected and said the swans had been seen on "riverside paths and access points", not the streets.