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  1. Queues outside McDonalds, but only delivery drivers (for now)

    Pete Cooper

    BBC News

    Today fast food chain McDonalds reopened 15 of its restaurants for delivery, with the majority in London and the East.

    Restaurants remain closed to customers, who have to order using a takeaway delivery app.

    The chain says service will be slower due to safety precautions, including limiting the number of people allowed inside store at a time.

    This was the queue of delivery drivers at the Chaul End Lane restaurant in Luton early today...


    While this delivery driver picked up an order from the branch near Boreham in Essex...

    Delivery driver

    The fast food chain plans to re-open 30 drive-throughs from next week.

    Burger King UK, meanwhile, has been reopening its outlets in phases since 16 April, and at the weekend thousands of people reacted angrily to a photograph of a discarded KFC takeaway box taken days after a Suffolk branch re-opened.

  2. Major UK takeaway chains start to reopen

    Burger King

    Three major takeaway chains in the UK have announced limited reopening programmes after closing during the coronavirus lockdown.

    Burger King, KFC and Pret A Manger have or will open certain restaurants around the country for delivery only.

    Government guidelines state that while restaurants and pubs have to close, they can prepare food for collection or delivery.

    The chains had decided to temporarily close as the lockdown took effect.

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