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  1. Cardi B asks fans to choose her Nigerian name

    Cardi B
    Image caption: Cardi B said she was filing for Nigerian citizenship after the US killed an Iranian commander

    The US rapper Cardi B has asked her fans on Twitter to choose her new Nigerian name several days after saying she was filing for Nigerian citizenship.

    In her post, which has already been retweeted more than 10,000 times, she gave them two options: Chioma B or Cadijat.

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    The Nigerian newspaper The Premium Times reports that she was given the Nigerian name Chioma B during her first visit to Nigeria in December 2019, while Cadijat is the name being suggested by her Nigerian Muslim fans.

    On 3 January the rapper tweeted that she wanted Nigerian citizenship after US President Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani.

    President Trump said Soleimani, who was killed in a US drone strike in Baghdad on Friday, was plotting "imminent" attacks on US.

    The rapper said it was the "dumbest move" Mr Trump had ever made.

    The killing has increased regional tensions, with Iran threatening "severe revenge".

  2. Anger in Ghana over 'snub' by US rapper Cardi B

    Favour Nunoo

    BBC News, Pidgin

    Cardi B
    Image caption: Cardi B is America's most famous female rapper right now

    There is furore in Ghana after US rapper Cardi B failed to meet local celebrities who had gathered at her hotel in the capital, Accra, on Sunday.

    Prior to her performance at a Livespot X Festival in the city, videos of some local celebrities taking a swipe at Cardi B went viral amid claims she showed disrespect towards her hosts.

    The American rapper, known in real life as Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, has since said she was not aware that the meet and greet session was going ahead.

    “I asked my booking agent, 'Do I have a meet and greet today?' and he said, 'No'.”

    “I did not know I have a meet and greet... for that I apologise but then again it wasn’t my fault,” she said.

    Twitter users in Ghana and Nigeria have been vocal about the incident, which is currently trending at number one in both countries.

    The rapper performed in Nigeria before visiting Ghana, and some have used the opportunity to revive the friendly rivalry feud between the two nations:

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  3. Rapper Cardi B arrives in Nigeria

    US rapper Cardi B has arrived in Nigeria ahead of a planned weekend music festival.

    The singer, who announced her arrival via Instagram, stated how excited she was to be visiting an African country for the first time.

    She shared a video of her dancing to the Nigerian star Davido's Fall Remix, in which she is featured, while on her way to Nigeria.

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    She is set to perform at the Livespot X Festival with her first performance scheduled for Saturday in Atlantic City in Lagos.

    She will then go to Ghana where she will perform at the Accra Sports Stadium on Sunday.

    Nigerian fans on Twitter took notice of her attire:

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