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Church has wider pay gap than charities or local authorities

Justin Welbey
The Archbishop of Canterbury has condemned wealth inequality

A huge pay gap has been revealed at the Church of England’s asset management branch, with one staff member receiving a bonus of more than £250,000, reports today's Times.

The highest-paid worker at the Church Commissioners received 23 times more than the lowest-earning staff member, according to its latest report.

The church has a much wider pay gap than those reported by charities or local authorities. That's despite Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, having condemned wealth inequality as a form of economic injustice, the paper points out.

The Church Commissioners’ latest annual report said that its highest-paid worker received £256,000 as a “long-term incentive payment”.

Combining bonus and salary, the worker received 23.2 times that of the lowest-paid worker and 11.3 times the median pay.

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"Engagement is key," she says. "You can only drive change from within so engagement is becoming more and more important, it is high on the agenda of investment companies. I do think you achieve more by being in the room."