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    Video caption: Religious leaders not ‘misinformed’ on post-Brexit trade deal, says Welby

    The Archbishop of Canterbury says he “regrets" the former Archbishop of York not sitting in the House of Lords.

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    Video caption: Justin Welby: 'We need to focus on victims and survivors'

    The Archbishop of Canterbury has said the Church of England "must do whatever it takes" to rectify its failings.

  3. Bishops' 'harrowing' prediction for families needing free school meals

    The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Durham have urged the government to extend the free school meals programme, saying some families could be destitute by Christmas.

    Archbishop Justin Welby and Bishop Paul Butler have called on the Government to provide free school meals to every child whose family is on universal credit, and expand holiday provision to all children on free school meals.

    They say that according to food bank charity the Trussell Trust, 46,000 food parcels will need to be provided by their network to people in crisis between October and December 2020 - an increase of 61% on last year.

    They estimate an additional 670,000 people will be destitute by the end of the year, a prediction Archbishop Justin and Bishop Paul describe as "harrowing".

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  4. Archbishops call on banks to be "merciful" as second wave threatens

    Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

    The archbishops of Canterbury and York have called on churches "to be determined, resilient and hopeful" as the UK "gears up for a second wave of the coronavirus".

    In a letter to all bishops in the Church of England, the Rt Rev Justin Welby and the Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell warn the country’s “divisions are deeper” than in March and the national situation "more complicated".

    The letter cautions against increased hunger and homelessness, as well as the ongoing issues of domestic violence and mental health.

    It emphasises the vulnerability of "the poor, the elderly and isolated" and highlights a "growing nervousness about Christmas".

    It also calls on banks to "show mercy" to those with financial struggles.

    "We are also in a situation which threatens the recovery from the huge decline in the economy in the second quarter. The most vulnerable to this second wave are the small companies who employ the most people, and especially those in the hospitality industry. It will be for us and others to encourage the banks, who received such help in 2009, to be equally merciful to others as the nation was to them."

  5. Live-streamed consecration of two Sussex bishops

    Reverend Will Hazlewood and the Archbishop of Canterbury, both wearing masks.
    Image caption: The consecration of Reverend Will Hazlewood was live-streamed

    Two new bishops for Sussex have been consecrated in live-streamed services.

    The Reverend Ruth Bushyager officially became the new Bishop of Horsham, and the Reverend Will Hazlewood took on the role of Bishop of Lewes.

    Both services were live-streamed from the chapel at Lambeth Palace.

    The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, hosted the consecration, which took place in the chapel rather than a cathedral, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

    Only close family members were invited to witness the services in person.

    The Reverend Hugh Nelson, vicar of St Mary’s, Goudhurst and Kilndown, was also consecrated to serve as Bishop of St Germans in Truro, Cornwall.

    Reverend Ruth Bushyager and the Archbishop of Canterbury taken from the livestream
    Image caption: The congregation was strictly limited to comply with Covid-19 restrictions
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    Video caption: Coronavirus: The Archbishop of Canterbury on his virtual Easter sermon

    Justin Welby tells Andrew Marr it is probably the first Easter sermon to feature a background toaster.

  7. Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops postponed

    Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

    The once-a-decade gathering of Anglican Communion bishops, which was due to be held in Canterbury in July and August, has been postponed until next year due to coronavirus.

    The decision was taken today by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, following consultation with stakeholders.

    These included his fellow primates – the leaders of the 40 autonomous churches of the Anglican Communion.

    In a video message, Archbishop Welby said: “The place of a Bishop at a time of difficulty is a place of a shepherd when the wolf is attacking the flock.

    "It is to be with them. To be alongside them. To love them. To suffer with them. “Because of the coronavirus, travel around the world is deeply restricted and the amount of time that we will face these limitations is unknown.

    "For these reasons, so that we may be good shepherds as bishops in the Anglican world, and encourage the church to be there for God’s suffering world, we have decided to reschedule and postpone the conference and to put it forward till 2021 at pretty well the same time.

    “We’ll write to the bishops with the exact dates as soon as we have them fixed. In other words, a delay of one year. We are absolutely not cancelling."

  8. Archbishop of Canterbury: 'I first learnt about God in Kenya'

    The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the principal leader of the Church of England, has visited Kiburu Boys Secondary School, a school he taught at in central Kenya.

    During his visit, the archbishop said it was the Kenyan school where he first learnt about salvation and God.

    He spent a year in Kiburu 46 years ago.

    The archbishop is currently in the country to meet Anglican church bishops and Kenyan politicians.

    So far he has met the Deputy President William Ruto, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka.

    On Thursday, he visited the house he used to live in as a teacher, and recorded a video message to his followers on Twitter:

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  9. Is it possible to revive a broken friendship?

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    Video caption: Renowned psychotherapist Philippa Perry explains why we fall out with people

    Reach out to someone you've lost touch with is the message from Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Renowned psychotherapist Philippa Perry explains why we fall out with people