Road safety

Fatal crash 'focuses minds' on town speeding problem

Neil Smith

South Cumbria journalist, BBC Cumbria

Community leaders in Dalton in Furness are calling for new action against "boy racers" and other drivers speeding through the town.

The town council is going to put up digital speed displays and wants talks with highways engineers and the police about new measures.

Craig Fox in Dalton

The deputy Mayor of Dalton, Craig Fox, says the problems have been going on for years, but the recent crash that killed three people from the same family had "focused minds" on making the roads safer for all.

He says the problems include boy racers with "souped-up" cars, and other drivers on the roads in and out of town.

People tend to start speeding up to go up the hill, for some reason people think their car won't make it going to 30mph, and also coming down, but there are other areas within the main streets as well where people tend to speed up."

Craig Fox

Guernsey roads 'will get busier as lockdown is lifted'

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey Police have launched a campaign to remind islanders of the importance of road safety out of lockdown.

Officers said with phase five of the Covid-19 exit strategy now under way, roads would become considerably busier than they had been in the last few months.

Road users have been told they needed to walk, cycle, or drive in a safe and responsible manner.

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