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Kim reckons Kanye doesn't understand Trump's policies

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
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The model and reality star has thrown a bit of shade her husband's way by suggesting that his vocal support of Donald Trump is more to do with her personality rather than his politics.

She was speaking at Variety and Rolling Stone’s criminal justice reform summit when she got on to the subject of Ye's politics.

“He’s very not political, actually, he just happens to like Donald Trump’s personality, but doesn’t know about the politics,” she told interviewer, CNN's Van Jones.

Kanye West and Donald Trump
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She added he was "the worst communicator".

“What he fights for is the right to like what he wants to like. Even if it’s different from what you like,” she added.

“He never said, ‘OK, I know what’s going on with immigration, and I know this and I know that.’ If he really knew, he would feel very compassionate about it."

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