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'The pound will go where it will'

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Pound down

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Here's the chart showing sterling's slide below $1.29 as the GDP data was released. It's back above that level but still down on the day.

The FTSE 100 is off the day's highs, it's now up 0.4% - 26 points or so - at 7,097.93.

Pound slides

The pound fell below $1.29 after the GDP data.

It is now holding its ground around that level.

The FTSE 100 is up nearly 1% at 7,140.89.

Pound dips


The pound has dipped against the dollar before the GDP data in less than half an hour.

It is just above $1.29 at $1.2916.

FTSE marches on

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UK shares are having a good day, with the FTSE 100 having gone from strength to strength as the morning has progressed.

Shortly before midday the UK's benchmark share index is up 106.95 points, or 1.5%, at 7,141.08.

The index was given a lift early on by BP's better-than-expected results, which have pushed the oil giant's shares up more than 5%.

Shares were also boosted after the pound fell back in the wake of the disappointing survey of the UK services sector.

Sterling is currently down 0.25% against the dollar at $1.3004.

Shares often rise when sterling falls, as the weaker currency lifts the value of companies' overseas earnings when they are brought back to the UK and converted back into pounds

Pound dips on gloomy services survey

Sterling has slipped following the release of the PMI survey. After being little-changed ahead of the release, the downbeat report saw it drop to $1.3015.

Shares up, pound down

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As we approach lunchtime it's time for a quick check on the markets.

The FTSE 100 has continued to hang on to modest gains, and is currently up 17.71 points at 7,037.93.

The mid-cap FTSE 250 index is just 1.35 points higher at 18,812.72.

On the currency markets the pound is down 0.1% against the euro at €1.1410, and is also 0.1% lower against the dollar at $1.3063.

Pound stays lower

The pound is still down around 0.7%, marking a 3-day low of $1.3057. Against the euro, it's around 0.8% lower.

Neil Wilson, analyst at Markets.com, says the drop is "quite a comedown".

"[It] is showing how the pound remains intensely sensitive to Brexit news flow, and partially how the market had put some faith in the Remainers/soft Brexiters forcing concessions from the government," he says.

Pound hit by amendment defeats

Pounds and euros
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Sterling has slipped and is now down 0.7% on the dollar to $1,3072.

The pound has fallen 0.6% on the euro to €1.1443.

So far, five out of the seven amendments have been defeated in the House of Commons.

The news has likely caused a sell-off since the amendments were thought to take a no-deal scenario off the table.

The amendments that have been defeated are those proposed by:

  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Ian Blackford
  • Dominic Grieve
  • Yvette Cooper
  • Rachel Reeves