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Sterling's worst run since 2014

Chris Johnston

Business reporter, BBC News

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Sterling is down slightly at $1.2733 - not far off a 14-month low of $1.2662 - and up a touch at €1.1161 as the dollar rebounds and investors shift their focus to this week's Brexit talks in Brussels.

The pound has now suffered six consecutive weeks of losses against the dollar - its worst run since 2014 - despite data such as retail sales suggesting the UK economy is holding up.

"The price of the pound continues to reflect Brexit concerns and an economy that's at best muddling through," says WorldFirst's Jeremy Cook. "The limelight is elsewhere right now and there's plenty of places people would rather be investing than sterling."

Business confidence in the UK economy has fallen to its lowest point this year, reflecting uncertainty about Brexit, according to a survey published today.

Pound rises on the dollar

The pound is trading up 0.18% against the dollar at $1.2736.

Sterling is also 0.10% higher against the euro at €1.1187.

Retail sales data is 'solid'

Looking at the bigger picture a year-on-year increase of 3.5% compared to 2.9% forecast is no doubt pleasing and while there may have been some one-off factors which contributed to the improvement it is a solid data point nonetheless. After reaching its lowest level against the US dollar in over a year below $1.27 yesterday the pound clearly remains under pressure, but this release has caused a positive, albeit small, reaction which may hopefully lay the foundations for a more sustained recovery in sterling."

David Cheethamchief market analyst at XTB Ltd

Online retail sales offset high street gloom

Commenting on the increase in retail sales, Rhian Murphy, senior statistician at the Office for National Statistics, said: "Many consumers stayed away from some high street stores in July, but online sales were very strong, supported by several retailers launching promotions.

"Food sales remained robust as people continued to enjoy the World Cup and the sunshine.”

The pound edged up against the dollar to $1.2724.

Sterling dips on the dollar

The pound has edged down 0.17$ against the US dollar at $1.2700.

Signs of life from sterling

The pound is holding its own against the euro this lunchtime, up 0.16% at €1.1204. However, it's essentially flat against the dollar at $1.2768.

Pound rises above $1.28

The pound is up 0.31% against the dollar at $1.2807.

Sterling is 0.28% ahead against the euro at €1.1217.

Sterling gains

The pound has clawed back some losses and is now down 0.09% against the dollar at $1.2759.

Sterling has also extended gains against the euro to rise 0.16% at €1.1212.

Sterling falls against the dollar

Away from the Turkish lira, the pound is trading 0.23% against the dollar at $1.2743.

However, sterling is marginally up against the euro at €1.1195.

FTSE and pound still lower

City trader
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A quick look at the markets and the FTSE 100 share index remains lower, down 49.14 points, or 0.6%, at 7692.63.

Russian gold miner Evraz is still the worst performing share in the index, down more than 9%, as investors react to the latest US sanctions.

On the currency markets, the pound remains below $1.28, down 0.4% for the day at $1.2767. However, it is up against the euro, rising 0.2% to €1.1143.