Keith Flint

Goodbye - to you, and to the one-and-only Keith Flint

As we leave Prodigy fans to dance into the night, we say thank you for following us on a day we said goodbye to a music legend - and we don't say that lightly.

Keith Flint - what a hero. Thanks for all the memories!

Keith Flint
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Scroll down to see the afternoon's events, as thousands of people lined the streets of Essex to pay their respects to the 49-year-old dance music pioneer, who died from hanging earlier this month.

Today is a poignant reminder that if you are struggling to cope, you can contact the Samaritans on the free helpline 116 123, or follow this link to access support services.

Thousands attend Keith Flint's funeral

Keith Flint: The Prodigy frontman's funeral attended by thousands

At the scene

Doug Faulkner

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The mood swung from wild raving to moments of respectful silence and others of hilarity as stories of Keith Flint's life were told.

Drum and bass music blared as revellers awaited the arrival of the funeral procession, before the thrum of motorbike engines could be heard escorting the coffin to the church.

As Flint's bandmates Liam Howlett, Maxim and Leeroy Thornhill approached the church they were cheered by the crowds who shouted "we are with you".

During the service some sobbed, others sang along with the music.