North Dakota

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    Video caption: Covid tensions in US hotspot of North Dakota: 'Grow up, mask up'

    One in every 800 North Dakotans has now died from Covid, but people remain split on how seriously to take it.

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    Video caption: Covid in North Dakota: One day inside a rural US hospital’s fight

    Staff at a 14-bed hospital in North Dakota tell first-hand their fight to keep friends' family members alive.

  3. BreakingTrump projected to win North Dakota

    Donald Trump is projected to win North Dakota.

    The state is a firm stronghold for Republicans. Since 1940, only one Democratic presidential candidate has won the state: Lyndon B Johnson.

    North Dakota card
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    Video caption: Burleigh County would have been the first to ban refugees

    Burleigh County narrowly voted to accept new refugees after hearing passionate arguments.

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    Video caption: What happened to Olivia Lone Bear?

    In 2017, Olivia Lone Bear went missing. Why did it take a volunteer to finally bring her body home, nine months later?

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    Video caption: Yellowbird-Chase: 'This is why people don't look for our murdered and missing'

    Lissa Yellowbird-Chase reflects on her experiences being "the bad guy" and "the good guy" as an amateur sleuth.

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    Video caption: 'It's like a coin toss': The million-acre search for Olivia Lone Bear

    When Olivia Lone Bear went missing, the authorities were notified - and according to her family, working with them was a problem from the start.

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    Video caption: Why Lissa Yellowbird-Chase went back to find Olivia Lone Bear

    Lissa Yellowbird-Chase explains why she went returned to the New Town, North Dakota on the search that ultimately uncovered Olivia Lone Bear's body.

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    Video caption: Drone footage captures extent of US oil leak

    Five thousand barrels leaked from the Keystone pipeline.