Two beluga whales get a taste of the sea at their new home in Iceland.

The pair used to be performing whales in China but are now at an open water sanctuary.

Guernsey and Iceland share Covid-19 experiences

Andrew Segal

BBC News

Guernsey Deputy Gavin St Pier has met Iceland's ambassador to the UK to share experiences of responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and to "discuss the similar issues now facing both jurisdictions as lockdown restrictions are eased and travel restrictions are reviewed", the States has said.

Mr St Pier and Stefan Haukur Johannesson, who talked by video link on Monday, discussed similarities in approaches that have been taken by both governments and "issues that now need to be considered as part of the respective exit strategies".

The States said both Guernsey and Iceland had adopted "similar public health strategies, including tight border controls and a 'test, trace, isolate' model".

Matters also discussed included "ongoing testing regimes and considerations for safely opening up borders, including screening programmes for testing at the border".

It also included a proposal from Guernsey "to explore the possibility of establishing an air bridge between Guernsey and Iceland".

Mr St Pier said he looked forward "to developing and strengthening our relationship with Iceland over the coming months."

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Steve Holden

Newsbeat music reporter

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