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    Video caption: Covid travel nurse's six months on the road across the US

    Nurse Laura Liffiton has travelled across the US for six months, helping in the fight against Covid.

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    Video caption: US election results: Why did so many Latinos back Trump?

    The Latino vote both helped and hurt Joe Biden. This is how.

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    Video caption: US election: Moment of unity between Trump and Biden supporters in Arizona

    There was a moment of unity between three very different Trump and Biden supporters at a Trump rally in Arizona.

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    Video caption: US election: Why are Trump protesters saying 'stop the count' and 'count the votes'?

    Trump supporters have been chanting conflicting messages in Michigan and Arizona. We look at why.

  5. Spaceman wins Senate race in Arizona

    Former Nasa astronaut Mark Kelly has just been on stage in Tucson, Arizona, declaring a victory over Republican senator and former Air Force officer Martha McSally.

    "The votes are counted, and we're going to be successful in this mission," he said on stage. Fox News projected his win.

    "Tonight is not about celebrating," he added. "Tonight is about getting to work."

    In a message to his daughters, he said that when they were young he used to go to work blasting off into space. But this time, it's to Washington DC where he'll be journeying into the great unknown.

    Kelly is a political newcomer whose wife, Gabrielle Giffords, is a former congresswoman who was shot in the head while meeting with constituents in 2011. In the years that followed, the couple became well-known for their advocacy on gun control.

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  6. A ray of hope for Biden in Arizona

    Anthony Zurcher

    BBC North America reporter

    While many of the in-play Sun Belt states – Florida, Georgia and Texas – appear to be disappointments for Joe Biden, Arizona is offering a ray of hope. The Democrat posted a substantial lead as early votes were quickly tabulated in the state, and he could be on his way to making it the first to switch sides from the 2016 results.

    If Biden does prevail in the border state, his path to the presidency becomes less daunting.

    Instead of having to win all three “blue wall” states (Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) that Hillary Clinton lost, he would only have to flip two of them (plus winning an electoral college vote in Nebraska or all of Maine, if he loses Pennsylvania).

    Donald Trump publicly feuded with Arizona's favourite son John McCain prior to the senator’s death in 2018, and his widow, Cindy McCain, endorsed Biden earlier this year.

    Although the president held several rallies in Arizona in the past week, it appears the trends that have been moving the desert state toward the Democrats in recent years will deliver an important boost to Biden on what is shaping up to be a long night.

  7. Two more states legalise recreational cannabis

    A joint being roasted

    New Jersey voters overwhelmingly turned out in support of legalised recreational cannabis, according to AP results.

    The measure means the state is to become the 12th with legal weed. It passed with about 67% of the vote and with the support of all 21 counties in the state.

    Minutes after New Jersey was called, Arizona was also projected to pass a measure legalising cannabis for adult use.

    Voters in two other states will be deciding whether or not to legalise cannabis tonight. Montana and South Dakota still have to report their results.

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    Video caption: US election: The big issue that could hurt Trump

    Just ahead of the election, the US is seeing what could be the largest outbreak of the pandemic so far.

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    Video caption: Covid: Clive Myrie visits the Navajo Nation

    Clive Myrie has visited the Navajo Nation in Arizona where the death rate is the highest in the US.

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    Video caption: US Election 2020: Will America's race issue decide the next president?

    The BBC's Clive Myrie goes to the crucial state of Arizona, where black votes could decide who wins.

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    Video caption: US Election 2020: Trump's border wall and the battle over immigration

    Will Trump’s promise to build a wall along the Mexico border help or hinder his attempt to win four more years?

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    Video caption: Professional daredevil takes flight with helium-filled balloons

    David Blaine rose over 24,000 feet (7,600 metres) over the Arizona desert for his latest stunt.

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    Video caption: Jeff Flake: 'If Trump wins, Republicans consigned to irrelevancy'

    The former Republican senator said four more years of President Trump could "turn Texas blue".