Cervical cancer

Cumbrian women urged to attend new smear test dates

Ewan Murrie


There's concern that women in Cumbria have missed cervical cancer screenings during the pandemic, and are now not attending smear test appointments.

Many appointments were rescheduled or cancelled during lockdown, but services are up and running again, and GPs like Dr Kaye Ward from the Central Lakes Medical Practice in Hawkshead, say it is important to catch up.

It is as safe as we can possibly make it, it's certainly safer than going to the pub or the supermarket, and the risks of not coming outweigh any risks of coming in."

Dr Kaye Ward
Tina Gilliland

Tina Gilliland from West Cumbria has incurable cancer after a tumour in her cervix was diagnosed too late, and she says it's heartbreaking to think she won't see the next generation grow up.

The two boys are five, and I've got two older granddaughters who are 13 and one coming 14, and I'm not going to see them grow up."

Tina Gilliland
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