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'You feel pressure, not pain'

Nigerian doctor Agility Obi-Ihesie says women get anxious about cervical cancer screenings
Rebekah Vardy, the wife of Leicester City and England footballer Jamie Vardy, has shared a photo on her Instagram page of her about to have a cervical cancer screening test. She says she was dreading it - but that she wants women to stop skipping them out of fear. 

Nigerian doctor Agility Obi-Ihesie - who carries out screenings - tells us she tries to alleviate anxiety by asking patients about their day. And she says the procedure can be painless if the woman is relaxed.

(Photo: Rebekah Vardy. Credit: Rebekah Vardy/Instagram)

Mother, 26, with cancer urges women to take the test

Sara Dumbell

Journalist, BBC Radio Cumbria

A mother of four from Workington and her partner are calling for more cervical cancer screening for younger women after she was diagnosed with an incurable case of the disease.

Susan Rumney and Jay Clark
Susan Rumney

Susan Rumney, 26, and Jay Clarke say they have been overwhelmed by public generosity after an online fundraising page raised nearly £7,000 to support the family and cover the cost of them getting married.

Doctors say the cancer does not normally develop until later in life and under the age of 25 the cells in the cervix do not look normal because they are immature, so abnormality would not be easy to spot.

Susan says her pains had previously been misdiagnosed as constipation and sciatica, but an MRI scan revealed that she had cervical cancer

Doctors, she says, should not rule out cancer in younger women and women offered a smear test should take it.

Go for them, it may be embarrassing and it may be uncomfortable, but it could save your life."

Susan Rumney