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As mentioned earlier, shares in Goldman Sachs are down sharply because of the financial scandal around Malaysia's development fund, 1MDB.

Bloomberg is reporting that Malaysia's Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng is calling for Goldman to repay the fees it was paid for doing deals for the fund.

Goldman did not comment to Bloomberg.

Goldman falls

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Weakness in Goldman Sachs' share price is another factor behind the slide in the US stock market today.

Its shares are off 6% in continued fall-out from one of the world's biggest financial scandals.

Earlier this month two former Goldman Sachs bankers were among those hit with US criminal charges from the US Department of Justice which alleges that they participated in a scheme that stole billions of dollars from Malaysia's development fund, 1MDB.

There's more on that story here.

Goldman Sachs boss speaks out on 1MDB scandal

David Solomon
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Goldman Sachs chief executive David Solomon has spoken out over his employees role in one of the world's biggest financial scandals.

Two former bankers from the firm were hit with criminal charges for their part in a scheme that stole billions of dollars from Malaysia's development fund, 1MDB.

"It is obviously very distressing to see two former Goldman Sachs employees went so blatantly around our policies and so blatantly broke the law," he said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

"I feel horrible about the fact that people who worked at Goldman Sachs, and it doesn't matter if it's a partner or it's an entry level employee, would go around our policies and break the law," Mr Solomon said.

UK savers flock to Goldman Sachs

Brian Milligan

Personal finance reporter

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UK savers appear to have flocked to the new bank called Marcus by Goldman Sachs.

50,000 customers have opened accounts in the fortnight since it opened for business.

The easy access account offers 1.5% a year, the most generous savings rate on the market for over two years.

So far no other providers have announced an increase in their interest rates, but they are expected to do so.

Goldman Sachs wants your money


Long-suffering UK savers could soon see higher returns, as one of Wall Street's swankiest banks boosts its presence on this side of the Atlantic.

Goldman Sachs is well-known for its investment bank in London, but from Thursday it will also offer a savings account to members of the public.

It will be known as Marcus by Goldman Sachs, after the bank's founder, Marcus Goldman.

Savers will be offered 1.5% a year, currently the best rate on the market.

Read the full story here.