Severe weather

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    Video caption: Ontario storm: Residents capture footage of deadly storm moving through province

    At least two people are known to have died as the storm uprooted trees and damaged homes.

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    Video caption: Floods in Bangladesh and India affect millions

    At least 50 people are dead after some areas are battered by widespread flooding and landslides.

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    Video caption: Germany tornado: Video shows damage in Paderborn

    Eyewitness footage shows severe weather in Paderborn, injuring at least 40 people and killing one man.

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    Video caption: Dying of cold on the streets of São Paulo

    A deadly cold snap hits Latin America's biggest city as the number of homeless people grows.

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    Video caption: North Carolina: The moment a US beach house collapsed into the sea

    The stilts holding up the house gave way after being struck by high winds and strong tides.

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    Video caption: Twister captured tearing through city in Kansas

    Shocking footage shows a tornado weaving in and out of streets near Andover in the US state of Kansas.

  7. Timber!

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    Video caption: What impact have this winter's storms had on our forests? Tom Heap investigates.

    Millions of trees were brought down by this winter's storms. Tom Heap asks what impact this will have on our forests - both present and future.

  8. Easter 2022

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    Video caption: February 2022 saw three named storms hit the UK.

    Sarah Keith-Lucas and Nick Miller visit the Isle of Wight, where a record 122mph wind speed was felt during a February that saw three named storms hit the UK.

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    Video caption: Durban floods: 'I got no house, I got nothing'

    Volunteers in Durban are searching for trapped locals after the worst floods the coast has seen in decades.